Environmentally Friendly

Be Connected to Your Environment, Be Green..

So many sustainable principles went into building Smoky Mountain Rose Manor Vacation property. Since conceived in 1975, when an artist family who was “into” health foods and organic gardening decided to build an environmentally friendly residence, the property has been looked at through eco-conscious eyes.
Preserving trees that provide valuable shading during the summer months, composting, and non toxic & biodegradable soaps and cleaners are utilized with eco system protection in mind. When new buildings were constructed using renewable materials there was negligible home site disruption. There was controlled demolition of two existing shed buildings with the recovered materials reused. Very low level or zero chemical contaminants were released during construction by using solvent-free adhesives, zero VOC paint and ‘GreenSeries for green building’ products and use of materials that do not off-gas harmful emissions.
No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides have been used on property. Natural resources have been conserved, generating less waste by using recycled products such as recycled plastic lumber for decking, salvaged materials, certified forest products, compact fluorescent bulbs, low flow water fittings, and rainwater harvested for plantings. Proper window & skylight placement for natural ventilation for day lighting and fresh air along with HEPA/high efficiency particular air filters are used as a sustainable strategy.
Insulation in main house is formaldehyde-free and in Eco home insulation is spray soy based for energy efficiency.
Clean air burning wood stove in Eco cabin but hasn’t been used, no need for a heat pump. Solar is not an option at this time as houses are nestled in tall trees. Occupants have low-impact lifestyles by being organic and vegan and non-smoking. Did you know that by just turning the tap off while brushing your teeth you can save 8 gallons of water per day per person?
Marvel at how many local stones went into the building of this North Carolina Vacation Home.
Owner, Linda Collie is a certified ECO consultant who cares about our impact on our environment.